Beloved Nightmare

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"“I will teach you everything, with great attention.”You (the main character) refuses to join any clubs at high school due to past trauma. In the spring of your second year a friend from the Newspaper Club comes to you with a request, to help with some in-depth research on the sports clubs?!  Get close to an arrogant, proud Volleyball Club Member; a yandere, childhood friend from the Swimming Club; or a tsundere junior from the Basketball Club!!

Character Introductions

Kaido Haruma,Arrogant x Proud x Volleyball Club,I’ll teach you everything, with great attention. Kusunoki Nozomi,Yandere x Childhood Friend x Swimming Club,I’ve been watching you ever since we were young. Hino Youta,Tsundere x Junior x Basketball Club,I’ve always wanted to touch you.

How to play,You get 5 scenerio tickets a day for free. Use these tickets to spend time with our boyfriends and UP our affection. It's as simple at choose and read!,Basic information,Category/ Genre: Love adventure,Free registration and free play *Some extra items may require money


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